Metal Doors Hinges

  • Allows soft closing of door under control
  • Variable closing force and speed
  • Pre-set angle of door stop
  • Force-shutting to ensure latching of door

SofterClos Metal Doors Hinge advertisement Video

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Why choose SOFTERCLOSTM over ordinary door closers?

  • Ordinary door closers have extensions and connectors that easily come loose over time, therefore becoming noisy and malfunction.
  • Ordinary door closers often leak oil, hence reduces the lifespan of the item.
  • Most door closers are externally mounted, unsightly and need regular maintenance.

Why choose SOFTERCLOSTM over traditional floor springs?

  • Installation of traditional floor springs is difficult and could damage existing floor tiles.
  • Good quality floor springs generally cost more and are complicated to adjust.
  • Water often accumulates in the cavities underneath the cover plate of traditional floor springs. This causes rusting and it could become a source of contamination to the sur- rounding surfaces.
  • Generally, floor springs are made of cast iron and rust easily.


  • Soft Closing – Eliminate the use of door closers or floor springs
  • Australian standards compliance
  • Reliable and durable
  • Competitively priced
  • Dual patented
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Minimal maintenance needed
  • Cost effective

SofterClos Metal Doors Hinge Adjustment

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Metal Doors Hinges Series

  • Price SC-HD SERIES Heavy Duty
  • Overview Steel / SS304
  • Voice Control Up to 85 kg
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  • Price SC-UD SERIES Ultra Heavy Duty
  • Material Steel / SS304
  • Voice Control Up to 100kg
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