Primeros Industries
Innovating the Future

Primero Industries is part of a group of companies that holds several registered trademarks and patents for products which are invented for the convenience of everyday living. The ingenuity of our products enables tradesmen to speedily install them with minimal maintenance or follow ups need. In fact our products are so simple to install that DIY enthusiast will fall in love with. We are not only supplier of products but strive to supply according to the market’s needs. Other than the current range of products, we also work with companies to OEM and outsource their current products so as to reduce their cost of production and thus remain competitive in market. Our products are also marketed worldwide through our associated companies in America, Europe, India, Middle-East and ASIA.

Quality Assurance

We institute strict quality control for all incoming raw materials and out-going products to ensure consistency in all our supplies. In order to achieve this end, we are fully equipped with equipment for salt spray testing, material composition analysis; load testing and product cycle testing

Our Mission

To provide products that are unparalleled in design, and quality like no other, for the world to enjoy.